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January 15, 2014

Mini Makeover and Man Cave Styling

Camille’s Closet is gearing up for one of our favorite holidays of the year. With Valentines Day approaching, we are counting down to our pre V-Day Mini Makeover on January 25th.This new look includes the launching of our online Boudoir area, which showcases a selection of sexy lounge wear and Camille's Boutique brand lingerie collection. 

To celebrate, over the next few weeks, we will feature helpful tips, gift guides, and gift giveaways to prepare all you exquisite ladies for this special occasion.

Our first topic to get started is "Styling a Man Cave by adding Glam". In this sense, adding Glamour means to incorporate your personal style without over powering. Like a light perfume sprayed around the room; not too forceful, but he definitely senses your presence. Just the right amount of femininity where you can enjoy the room known as the man cave and he would actually want you there with him. 

Inspiration from William T. Baker, French Architecture, Atlanta Symphony Associates Decorator's

A.      Showcase sexy photos on the wall adding a little dash glamour.

B.      Sneak a few designer reading in between the sports memorabilia.  Gives style to the décor and something for you to read during the games.
C.      This isn’t your space, so decorate with masculine colors and art.

 “The Dress Code”- Something ultra feminine. Go for sexy lounge wear or a loose fitting romper.

Need further convincing? Well, I've recruited a local beauty to help me explain.

If we are to be completely honest with ourselves, as women we believe that our homes should be a reflection of who we are. We rarely consider our better half when making decisions on how to decorate our home. Most times, he’s not interested in whether or not you choose coral or peach for the kitchen. In fact, he most likely doesn’t even know the difference. 

Once you’re done dressing your home in cheesy pictures and coral drapes, take the time to design a Man Cave for your better half. Yes, I said it! After all he deserves it after trying to understand that coral and peach are not the same. 

While you’re at it, hide a little lingerie in a drawer for you to slip into when you go to visit him. Let him know having your unmentionables in his Man Cave are simply your dress code for his space.

Here’s a wonderful example of a well appointed man cave designed by Alketas Pazis and some lingerie ideas to get you started…


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