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January 17, 2014

J'aime l'art

I absolutely LOVE art. When art is combined with fashion, I'm in heaven! I find that it is important for me to support other creatives. Anyone can modify something to make it their own, but it takes serious effort and a strong aesthetic to create something totally original. I get stumped when presented with beautiful artwork, so just imagine having to create it. It intrigues me to think about what makes another artist tick; why did they select those colors? And why doesn't my artwork turn out as beautiful? Ha!

My newest obsession is an artist by the name Esra Roise, a Norwegian illustrator based in Oslo. Her sketching technique is stylized and visually stimulating. She uses a combination of water color, and pencil, adding just the right amount of color in every piece. Esra's artwork is so refreshing! She has worked with the like of Vogue China, NIKE, and Levi, only to name a few. I am definitely motivated to pull out my sketch book!

Here's a few of my favorite pieces by Esra. XOXO, Camille



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